Thursday, May 19, 2022

FAQs - BCQC Informal Sessions

Wish to attend a BCQC Informal Sunday session? Have a doubt regarding the same? Here are answers to some FAQs. If you still have a doubt, you can mail us at

Q. Is registration required?
A. No, this is an informal quiz. Just show up!

Q. Where is the venue, and what time do sessions start?
A. Generally the sessions start at 4, but this is subject to change, so please read the announcement. The quiz takes place at the Boat Club of the College of Engineering, Pune.

Q. What is the team size?
A. We will form teams on the spot based on how many people attend. There will be no pre-formed teams.

Q. Is there any registration fee? Is there prize money?
A. No and no. This will be an informal quiz.

Q. Can I also conduct a session?
A. Sure! Just write to with your topic (if any) and when you'd like to do the session (we do these Sunday afternoons).

Q. Can I do a session with questions I have asked in a quiz somewhere else?
A. Yes, although we'd refer questions that have not been seen in Open quizzes conducted in Pune previously (or online quizzes that Pune quizzers might have seen). If you want to run a set someone else has set/conducted, please obtain their permission first.

Q. Is there a dress-code?
A. Not really. But it is an educational institution, so please use your discretion regarding the same.

Q. How do I get updates regarding the sessions and when they are conducted?
A. Follow us on twitter (@bcqc) and on Facebook.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

BCQC’s College Quizzing Team of the Year 2022

Date & Time: 1 May 2022, Morning
VIT, Pune
Elims + Finals
Omkar Dhakephalkar

1st: Naman Jain and Sagnik Sarkar (VIT+AFMC) at 192.5
2nd: Chinmay Deshpande and Ritoban Maitra (SLS) at 188.5
3rd: Giridhar Gopal and Saurabh Singh Bisht (AFMC) at 174.5
4th: Atharva Soman and Prajot Patne (COEP) at 149.5
5th: Yash Gupta and Ritwick Johari (AFMC) at 107
6th: Zoha Fatima and Naman Chaturvedi (AFMC) at 41
7th: Palak Shah and Amol Mule (VIT) at 40
8th: Vedant Jaiswal and Satyam Kumar (AFMC) at 36.5
9th: Manas Soni and Rahul Choudhury (AFMC) at 16

The Boat Club Quizzing Team of the Year 2022 was held on 1st May, 2022 at VIT Pune. The quizmaster was Omkar Dhakephalkar.

With nine teams turning up for the prelims, it was decided that scores will be carried forward to the finals. There were 25 questions in the prelims.

The team from SLS topped prelims with 13.5, followed by the cross-college team of VIT and AFMC at 12.5.

Finals had a unique theme as Omkar decided to turn the clock back and included rounds which he had endured during his college quizzing days. Long Visual Connects, List It, Amul Hits - his set had them all. The finals Were like Tour De France, with the variety of rounds analogous to different stages.
The scoring pattern of the IRs was also beguiling as it allowed the finalists to take risks and reap bigger rewards in return. There was a system of doubling on pounce and bounce if you were sure. This would grant double the points, but correspondingly raised penalties if you were wrong.

Ritoban and Chinmay from SLS raced ahead, early in the finals, and garnered a lead which everyone thought would be impregnable. Giridhar and Saurabh from AFMC were in a comfortable second position. However, dynamics changed in the last two rounds and Sagnik and Naman came from nowhere to win the quiz by a slender margin, after playing aggressively and taking risks. Ritoban and Chinmay finished second while Giridhar and Saurabh came third. Prajot and Atharva from COEP finished a close fourth.

Report by: Naman Jain

BCQC’s College Quizzer of the Year 2022

Date & Time: 1 May 2022, Afternoon
VIT, Pune
Elims + Finals
Pranav ‘Floyd’ Joshi

1st: Prajot Patne at 125
2nd: Chinmay Deshpande at 95

3rd: Ritwick Johari at 65 (on tie-breaker)
4th: Ritoban Maitra at 65

5th: Naman Jain at 45
6th: Palak Shah at 40

7th: Atharva Soman at 30
8th: Sagnik Sarkar at 15

After a long (and relatively dry) hiatus of 2 years, we finally had the annual BCQC College Quizzer of the Year competition in a physical setting. Held in VIT, the solo quiz was held after the Teams quiz with a small lunch break in between.

The Prelims were relatively long with 27 questions, consisting of 21 single pointers and 6 double pointers. Floyd took special efforts to keep the prelims as general as possible, with minimal amount of obscure fundaes. The prelims cut-off was surprisingly low at 7, probably because we had 8 teams in finals.

The finals consisted of four rounds - 2 Written rounds and 2 IRs.

The finals started with a 6-question set on 'Typography'. As opposed to what the subject choice may have you believe, it was a very accessible set with well framed questions. Next, we had the IR Round with 12 questions in total, which consisted of some very brilliant answers by participants on equally brilliant questions.

After this we had a Floyd special written round on Food with 5 questions, presented with his signature style. Chinmay from SLS was leading towards most of the first half of the quiz, followed by Prajot and Ritoban from SLS.

In the final round of Reverse IR however, a decent number of pounces by Prajot and Ritwik of AFMC ensured that the former finished on top, followed by Chinmay in second place, and Ritwik and Ritoban tied for third place. Omkar Dhakephalkar took the initiative of resolving the tie with a question set. This went on for some time before a brilliant answer by Ritwik ensured that he sealed the finish.

All in all, it was a great ‘welcome back’ to physical quizzing with appreciable efforts taken by Omkar and Floyd, along with other behind-the-scenes personnel. Special thanks also to Naman for providing the venue.

Report by: Prajot Patne