Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 2007 BC Open Quiz - Report

Date: 1 July, 2007
Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, PSPL

Set by: Ganesh Hegde and Shivaji Marella
Conducted by: Ganesh Hegde
Theme: General

Quiz Final Results

(60 seamless IR)

1st: Sudarshan Purohit + J. Ramanand (A) - 100 - (Elims: 23.5)

2nd: Kunal Sawardekar + B.V.Harish Kumar (E) - 90 - (Elims: 24)

Jt 3rd: Niranjan Pedanekar + Meghashyam Shirodkar (F) - 80 - (Elims: 20)
Jt 3rd: Manish Manke + Abhishek Nagaraj (C) - 80 - (Elims: 17.5)

5th: Daniel Ghevarghese + Anubhav Chatterjee (A) - 50 - (Elims: 20)

6th: Salil Bijur + Harsh Ketkar - 40 - (Elims: 20.5)

Elims cutoff: 17.5 out of 35

Best school prizes: Mayuresh+Nikhil (Muktangan), Aastha+Anmol (Indian School, Al-Ghubra)

Best college team: Kaustubh Bhat + Aditya Gadre

Best newbies: Nilay Puntambekar + Rohit Khaladkar

Attended by: about 25 teams


Ganesh and Shivaji provided a very nice quiz last Sunday, covering different areas and asking some good questions. A few questions were a little eyebrow-raising in their arbit-ness, but overall, it was very good. Shivaji couldn't make it to the quiz. So Ganesh conducted the entire quiz, and did so with commendable patience, especially for one who hasn't really done many formal quizzes before.

The final was a tight affair with at least 4 teams in the hunt throughout. Ganesh will hopefully post the questions before leaving for his post-grad studies. The Shivaji-Ganesh pair first came into prominence with their shock 2nd place in Verve 2000, and have been stealth hunters on the circuit ever since. Good luck to Ganesh for the days ahead. Thanks to everyone who participated, despite the heavy rains that hit these parts that weekend.

Our next open quiz will be in September.

As usual, please leave comments if you have any feedback.

Tag cloud of themes:

arts(1) biz(2) ent-misc(1) ety(3) films-india(2)
films-west(6) gen(9) geo(7) history(10) india(3)
lit(2) military(4) music-west(3) myth(3) pol(1)
scitech(5) sports(12) tv(2)

(note: some questions have been tagged with multiple tags; don't have a roll-up to more general categories such as Entertainment. Though Sports seems the highest, the quiz didn't have any bad skews overall, with many of the sports questions being part of multi-tagged questions.)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"The Interrogative" - July 2007 BC Schools Quiz - Report

Date: 1 July, 2007
Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, PSPL
Set and Conducted by: Abhishek Nagaraj and Suvajit Chakraborty
Theme: General

No. of Teams: 63, 15 schools
Quiz Final Results (team no. with elims score), cutoff: 13/30 1st: Pushkar Pandit + Vibhav Bhave of Abhinava Vidyalaya (F - 21)

Other Finalists:
Viraj Bathe + Sarvesh Deshmukh of SPM English (C,13), Rushabh Banthia + Rohit Telang of Symbiosis Secondary (D,15), Kaustubh Deshpande + Abhishek Rajopaadhye of SPM (E,16), Anmol and Aastha Kakaria of Indian School Al-Ghubran, Oman (A,15), Rohan Danait + Sanket Bhilare of Abhinava Vidyalaya (G,18), Punarvasu Pendse + Nachiket Deo of Kalmadi Shamrao (H,20), Nikhil Deshpande + Mayuresh Hooli of Muktangan (B,14).


The organisers of the BCQC School Quiz "The Interrogative" were in for a big surprise: the turnout was a staggering 63 teams from 15 schools! That means 126 young quizzers, half of whom had never quizzed competitively before, took part in the first major school quiz of the Pune calendar. To prove we aren't fibbing, here's a pic of the auditorium during the elims.

(Packed it was)

The elims were very competitive, but 8 teams finally made it through from 6 different schools. We even had one out of the two participating overseas teams (Indian School, Al-Ghubra, Oman made it and Northview High School from the US was the other - ok, they were on vacation but still they came, didn't they? :-)) in the finals

Chocolates and a break later, the finals began. Abhishek, as usual, had a terrific presentation lined up. The questions were good and so were the finalists. Some tough questions were answered with panache, many connects were cracked, but the Abhinava team that would eventually won was always in control.

July 07 School 2

(Starlit Finale)

Each finalist received a certificate and a Landmark gift voucher. The winners also took home a trophy each. The Interrogative will be back next year too, and a couple of school quizzes will happen in December and January. Thanks to all the principals, accompanying teachers, and parents who came over on a very wet Sunday morning. Thanks also to all the BC volunteers and to Abhishek and Suvajit for conducting a very enjoyable quiz.

(Quiz masters, winners, not-so-innocent bystander)