Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Indian Cinema Open Quiz - B.J.Medical College

The QUIZ CLUB , B. J. Medical College, and ANUNAD, Pune are organising an Open quiz on Indian Cinema.

Date: Sunday, 18th FEBRUARY
Timing: 10 am (tentative)
Venue: B. J. Medical College, Pune
Contact: Snehal - 9822326699, Kiran - 9881678946

Report from last year's quiz.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BCQC Website down for maintenance

The BCQC website is currently down for some maintenance activities. Please don't be surprised at the website having gone "dry"! This blog will be our official refuge for a while.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Landmark Pune Quiz 2007 - Report

Date: 26 Jan, 2007 (Friday)
Venue: Nehru Memorial Hall
Conducted by: Derek O'Brien

Open Quiz Final Results
1st: Anand Sivashankar, Meghashyam Shirodkar, Vibhendu Tiwari
2nd: Kunal Sawardekar, J. Ramanand, Shamanth Rao
3rd: Mitesh Agarwal + 2
4th: Aadisht Khanna, Amit Varma, Rishi Iyengar
Other finalists: SAP (Bangalore), NDA (Pune), B.V.Harishkumar+Srivatsa Subbanna+Gaurav Parab, Ashwan+Hanisha+Vikram Joshi

Best Corporate Teams
1st: Pinstorm (Mumbai), 2nd: SAP (Bangalore)

Best School Teams
1st: ?, 2nd: Muktangan, 3rd: St. Marys

Quizzer of the Year
Ramanand (Other finalists: Mitesh, Anand S, Rishi, NDA representative, and SAP representative)

Best Team Name "Vaanar Brothers" (Anand, Meghashyam, Vibhendu)


* Expectedly, most of the questions could be tagged by one of the following adjectives: irritating, entertaining but pointless, multiple-choice, mouth-hanging-low-at-audacity, tired, take-choice-from-a-set. There were a few nice ones, but you'd have to wait for them a while like for a PMT bus.
* Nice production values of course. Liked the idea of "this happened in 19xx" preceding every question. Audience was kept well-engaged.
* Given the over-abundance of prizes for audience and winners, it was a shame that the finalists who finished 4-8 got nothing for their efforts.
* A very silly way to run the "quizzer of the year" competition. (Don't mistake this for modesty.)
* Overall, nice beginning by Landmark in Pune. They may have slightly underestimated the turnout - many people who had come only to watch had to stand during the finals. Official teams count was about 240.

(this post is missing some details - kindly post in comments if known)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Quiz-O-Mania 2007

Date: 3rd Feb 2007 (Saturday)
Venue: Main Auditorium, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
Time: Elims begin at 1.30pm sharp
Team strength: 2 people
Entry fee: Rs. 40 per team.
6 teams qualify for the finals.

Quiz Masters: Arnab Pal ( 98904 54353) and Harsh Ketkar (98813 79417)

There are many 1-round topic-specific quizzes like Harry Potter, Friends, LOTR, Sports, Literature, etc that will take place throughout the day at VIT's 3-day literary festival, Epiphany (2nd, 3rd and 4th feb.)

*All quizzes are open to everyone*

All the quizzes will happen at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, 666, Upper Indiranagar, Bibwewadi, Pune- 411 037.
How to get there:

Prizes worth Rs 20,000 to be won.

Previous editions of Quiz-O-Mania: 2004, 2005, 2006

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Landmark Pune Quiz - 2007

Landmark Pune 2007 Landmark Pune are organising a quiz on the evening
of 26th of January, 2007 at Nehru Memorial Hall.
(Click poster for contact details).


* Teams of upto 3 members.
* Venue: Nehru Memorial Hall, Camp, Pune
* 26th of January 2007, 3pm.
* Quizmaster: Derek O'Brien

* Prizes
- First place –Rs. 30000
- Second place – Rs. 15000
- Third place – Rs. 9000
- Best corporate team – Rs. 6000
- Best team name – Rs. 3000
- Best school team – Rs. 6000(students of upto class 12 are eligible)
- Best school team runner up – Rs. 3000(students of upto class 12 are eligible)
- Quizzer of the year – Rs. 5000
- Plus attractive audience prizes.

* Registration needs to be done in advance. The organizers will be assigning seats, and so it is recommended that you register early so as to avoid last minute crowding.

* To register, walk into Landmark (Next to Dorabjee's), Moledina Road, Camp, Pune anytime before the 26th of January. You can register for your friends just as well. You could call 40068888 for details.

* Outstation teams could call Landmark and register. However, Shamanth will need to pick up your entry passes, so please email/call him on 9881000957 preferably before this weekend. You'll have to take your passes from him just before the quiz begins.

IMS Quotient 2007

Date: 13th Jan 2007

QM: Charanpreet Singh


1st: Symbiosis Law: Suvajit Chakraborty, Sayak Dasgupta, Abhishek Ray
2nd: Symbiosis Law: Manas Panda, Sayan Ray, Sridip Sural
Jt. 3rd: Garware and COEP
5th: Fergusson College
6th: AFMC

Previous edition of IMS Quotient

Saturday, January 13, 2007

BCQC in Indian Express, Pune

A news article featuring BC Quizzers that appeared on 9 Jan, 2007.

BC quizzers at Mood Indigo 2006

Some key results:

General Quiz: 1st (Kunal Sawardekar + J. Ramanand), Semi-finalists: Abhishek Nagaraj + Maitreyi Gupta
Indian MELA Quiz: 1st (Abhishek Nagaraj + J. Ramanand), Finalist: Suvojit Chakraborty
IMS Quiz: 1st (Suvojit Chakraborty + Kaustubh Bhat)
Sports Quiz: 1st (Abhishek Nagaraj + J. Ramanand)

January 2006 BC Regular Open Quiz - Report

Date: 7 Jan, 2007 (Sunday)
Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, PSPL
Set and Conducted by: Gaurav Sabnis

Quiz Final Results
(50 questions, Modified IR with reversals from F, 2 pts for correct answers)
1st: Niranjan Pedanekar, J. Ramanand, Meghashyam Shirodkar (A): 21
2nd: Anand Sivashankar, Vibhendu Tiwari, Ganesh Hegde (E): 19
3rd: Sudarshan Purohit, Amit Garde, Shivaji Marella (B): 18
4th: Amit Varma, Rishi Iyengar, Kunal Sawardekar (C): 17
5th: Shamanth Rao, Salil Bijur, Abhishek Nagaraj (D): 11
6th: B.V.Harishkumar, D. Dharmendra, Arnold D'Souza (F): 8

(4 out of 50 questions went unanswered)

Quiz Elim Results (out of 30 questions)
First 6 Teams cutoff: 13
(in order) Anand-Vibhendu (17), Shamanth-Salil (16), Ramanand-Niranjan (15), Amit Garde-Sudarshan (14), Amit Varma-Rishi and Harish-Dhammo (13)
next 3 cutoff: 9
(in order) Kunal S-Arnold(12), Meghashyam-Abhishek (11.5), Ganesh-Shivaji (9)

BC Theme Attic Quiz: "Assassinations and India at the Olympics" by J.Ramanand


* Our first quiz where prizes were sponsored by Landmark.
* Please give feedback on questions, organisation, etc.
* The next set of open quizzes will be in March

* If you want a copy of the elims and finals, please send me an email or leave a message in the comments.
* Thanks are again due to PSPL and Landmark.

Sample Elims questions:
1. Which term, coined by Indian demographer Ashish Bose in 1980, is an acronym and also a pun?
2. In the 1984 Lok Sabha election, whose campaign catch-phrase was "Mere anganey me.n tumhaaraa kyaa naam hai?"
3. Martin Speckter, the head of an advertising agency and an advocate of precision in communication, put forth this idea in an article in 1962. It was supposed to convey in print an attitude of curiosity and wonder. The WSJ called the idea exactly right for a statement like "Who forgot to put the gas in the car". What name did Speckter give this idea?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 2007 BC Open Colleges Quiz - Report

Date: 7 Jan, 2007
Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, PSPL

Colleges Quiz
Set and Conducted by: Apurva Dubey, Akhil

Quiz Final Results
(56 questions)
1st: Abhishek Nagaraj (COEP), Sayak Dasgupta, Suvajit Chakraborty (both Symbiosis Law)- 135
2nd: Maitreyi Gupta, Harshwardhan Ketkar (both VIT), Kapeesh Saraf (COEP) - 90
3rd: Shyam Jade, Mihir Mulay (IIT Bombay) - 55
Other Finalists: (Gaurav Singh, Aniket Khasgiwale, Kaustubh Bhat (all COEP)), (Nikhil Motlag, Avaneendra Bhargav (AISSMS COE)), (Tanmay Inamdar (SPBJ college of science), Siddharth Gokhale (BMCC), Ashwin Shankar (A.B.Garware College)), (Pranit Saxena, T.L.Ramaswami, Manu Sebastian (Symbiosis Law)), (Ritoban Sengupta, Soumo Chaudhury, Subhodeep Jash (Symbiosis Law))
School Finalists: (Sarvesh Deshmukh, Viraj Bathe, Aditya Joshi (SPM English)), Jaideep Mehendale, Ameya Karambelkar, Kaustubh Deshpande (SPM English))


* The quiz was attended by about 15 teams (about 40 participants), including some school participants.
* Excellent questions in the elims and finals.
* There were certificates for all finalists and prizes sponsored by Landmark for the top 3 teams.