Sunday, May 29, 2011

BC Cup 2011 - Results

When: 22nd May, 2011
Where: BC, Pune
By: Aniket, Aditya Gadre, Yash Marathe

This year’s edition saw more major changes to the format. It has now moved away from the head-to-head knockout contests to a conventional quizzing IR format - a positive move IMO.

First, an elim determines 8 qualifiers. The qualifiers took part in a 60 qn format, after which 4 are eliminated. Scores are reset and another 36 qn semi takes place. The final is a one-to-one contest like last year's contest. The match consists of a home leg and an away leg. Home is basically direct questions. If one gets a direct question wrong and the opponent answers, it counts as an away goal and is used for tie breakers.

Group stages
The prelims cutoff was 12.5, with a top score of 19 by Anand. The 8 qualifiers in random order were:

Anand, Suraj, Annanya, Kaushik, Srinath, Ramanand, Pradeep, and Dipanjan. Pradeep took his spot after a tie-break decider (just the beginning of the day for him).

The Quarter Finals: Anand was in complete control of this, taking 9 points to emerge the leader. Suraj (7) was next in. Three of us (Annanya, Pradeep, and Ramanand) were tied on 6, necessitating a long drawn out tie-break threatening the reserves of the QMs before Ramanand was eliminated.

Semi Final The tables were turned - Anand, Annanya, and Suraj finished on 3 points each, as Pradeep decided to enjoy the view at the other end of the table with a comfortable 5 points. Another set of tie-breakers later, the defending champion squeezed into the final.

The Final
Pradeep v Annanya
Pradeep will never forget the Cooch-Behar Trophy, that much we can be sure of. That miss on a cricket question, a topic that Pradeep is considered a leading expert on, was to prove costly as Annanya put on a smooth performance to win 5-4. Once again, his breadth of knowledge across sports helped him win the cup (and even ensured a point or two for fellow quizzers, as I can testify in the Quarters.)
Final score 5-4, Annanya Deb wins on aggregate

The winner for BC Cup 2011 is Annanya Deb

Previous winners:
2009: Suraj and Sameer
2010, 2011: Annanya Deb

Once again, congratulations to the three quiz-masters for a very interesting and wide variety of questions on sport. Comments and suggestions? Leave it in the comments section for this post.


Unknown said...

Yes it was a good fun quiz. Though Anand was unlucky that there were no more questions on cute women sportspersons in the semifinals.

Anand S said...

As usual, it was a great combined effort to even put together something of this magnitude--may have needed commitment, inspiration & coordination. Kudos !

Elims--not my type of q's at all,some nice fundas esp. FC wickets, Partizan--needed some knowledge but not a whole lot to crack. Couldn't remember 3 ans.Some cd have been framed with more detail.

QF-Gettable stuff really, nice spread & usage of media. Again with IR, distribution is an issue. Thought Kaushik & Dipanjan should have done a tad better with their range & indubitable quality.

SF-Higher levels of difficulty with many unanswered. Thought the easy ones were spread thin & may have been anybody's game. Some good cracks from Dada & Pradeep, who put away all leg stump full tosses merrily !

F-Narrow but deserved win for Anannya. Many unans. q's remained.

negatives-hunger & thirst (!!), relentless sledging for an easy-going Pune

Overall, fantastic effort on sustaining momentum thru the rounds.


Shrirang said...

Had a look at the qns... very interesting ones; an impressive effort by the organisers.
Wish I had been able to participate.