Friday, November 25, 2022

Quiz Report - BCQC November Open - 'My Favorite Things' by Suraj Menon

The two-day quizzing melava at College of Engineering Pune was a momentous affair as it saw the return of BC Cup back in its in-person avatar and a general quiz by Suraj Menon which was billed as a set on his favorite topics. The venue for the general quiz was the well-equipped Kirloskar Auditorium in BHAU Institute which saw a great turnout (over 25+ teams).

The elims kicked off with a wonderful audio question paying tribute to two beloved Punekars. There were thirty such succinctly framed questions and it was a thoroughly enjoyable set filled with great fundaes centered majorly around things one might’ve heard/read about.

The cutoff was 19 out of a possible 30, with top score being an impressive 24. Top 8 teams made it to the finals and one draft was added to each team. Finals had 46 questions divided into four rounds – Two written and two IR. First written round was a set of 10 questions loosely themed on veteran quizzers in the circle. Loved the concept and how each answer was tied to the interests/monikers/team-names of quizzers. IRs covered a wide array of topics and allayed concerns (if any) that it will be specifically focused on QM’s pet topics, which I guess, speaks highly of his diverse interests. Notable ones being the concept behind design of martini glass and the modern usage of a symbol depicted on the shields of hoplites. Teams 8 and 7 built a massive lead in the first written round and maintained it until the end of the quiz securing top 2 spots. Team 5 which began leisurely in the first two rounds, staged a brilliant comeback in the written sports and IR-2 to take the third position.

Overall, a brilliant quiz put together by Suraj with wonderfully framed questions. There was an entire written round on Sports, but the framing and clues were sufficient to arrive at the answer and served as a great aperitif for the event on the following day. And as is the case with his other quizzes, there were no pritams (peter kon?) in the entire quiz.

Hopefully, Suraj is done with his recurring retirement announcements because we all know that’s his way of saying ‘Mi Punha Yein, Mi Punha Yein!’ All in all, it was a great weekend marked with two brilliant quizzes followed by a visit to the usual haunt and a lot of fun was had.


First position: Team 8 Sachin Deshpande, Prithwish Datta and Gokul S (draft) – 215 points
Second position: Team 7 Sania Narulkar, Rohit Suresh and Ingit Sir (draft) – 185 points
Third position: Team 5 Aditya Gadre, Brajendu Bhaskar and Pranav Floyd Joshi (draft) – 155 points

Other teams in the finals:

Team 1: Ritwik Ghosh, Chinmay Deshpande and Naman Jain (draft)
Team 2: Hrishi Varma, Ranajeet Soman and Charles Mathew (draft)
Team 3: Akshay Parale, Shivam Sharma and Pitambar (draft)
Team 4: Col Sandeep Shankar+1 and Shubhankar Gokhale (draft)
Team 6: Piyush Kedia, Shubham and Pranav Hari (draft)

Report by: Akshay Parale


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