Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Big Fat Solo Quiz of the Year | InFest 2024

The Quiz lived up to its moniker of the "Big Fat Quiz of the Year", with 90+ questions!!

Like Gadre says "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition", with the Elims having a torturous end for many contenders, 5-6 very good quizzers missed out by a point or less. 

The quiz was peacefully conducted with no "dhangadhinga" due to the presence of an intimidating QM!!

The first answer "Lone Wolf and Cub" was a nice tribute to the format, with a subtle hint by the QM. 

There were several such brilliantly worded questions in the elims encompassing a wide range, workoutable but with a twist, leading to lots of oohs and ahhs at the end. 

The Ten finalists were as follows.

Representing the Pune Vanguard: Omkar D, Ranajeet Soman;

The Pune Old Guard: Samrat Sengupta, J Ramanand;

Bombay Satraps: Rajiv Rai, Prithwish Dutta, Abhinav Dasgupta;

Young Turks from South of Deccan: Abid A, Shashwat S and 

Lone Wolf from Big Apple: Sriram P

The quiz started out with some great local fundaes, leading to Rana and Omkar taking an early lead, with the rest catching up gradually. Pouncing strategy played a big part.

Some descriptive questions saw creative answers like Case De Pesci on the Tuscan coast, County Highway printed paper, and Mars terraforming. 

One of Galileo's appendages also saw some mirth. 

Expected: Rana shooting Football Questions

Not Expected: JR shooting (questions on) recreational drugs

At the half-way mark: Abid, Samrat, Sriram and Abhinav did not make the cut. 

With the remaining six, it was an interesting race, but Rana never left his foot off the accelerator on the Speedway, leading from start to finish. (He also topped the elims).

Rajiv and Shashwat were hot in pursuit, and Boss (Prithwish) had an incredible last lap to catch up with them, to share the spoils.

Final Scores: 

Ranajeet Soman -275

Shashwat S -240

Rajiv R - 238

Prithwish D - 238

Omkar D - 189

J Ramanand - 148

Overall a highly enjoyable quiz, with top-notch production quality, and expertly conducted by two brilliant QMs. The entire audience was there till the very end.


Report by: Samrat Sengupta

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